Plastic-Fencing and Beginners


Fencing allows every children to find their place. According to their personality they will quickly gain confidence hidden behind their mask and channel their energy to reach the goals set for the session.

They will learn:

  • Respect

  • Balance

  • Focus

  • Precision

  • Decision making

  • Perseverance

Friday 5-6pm

For children born from 2013 to 2016

Starting on 09/09/22

Highdown School - The Barn

Surley Row - Reading



From 09/09 to 16/12 - 14 sessions


£120.40 for the full term

£9.50 for 1 session

All children new to fencing have to complete at least 1 term of plastic-fencing before starting metal fencing in our Fencing School. You can decide to only do plasti-fencing, there is no obligation to move to metal fencing at any time as long as your child is within the age limits of the group. 

Equipment is provided.

How to book:

Select the appropriate ticket you would like to book.


You can book a taster session, select the single session ticket and use the code TASTERSESSION at checkout to get a 50% discount. Equipment will be provided to your child for the session. It is only available once.

Our coach is registered with British Fencing and holds all the relevant qualifications and certificates. Discover more about him here.

British Fencing Membership must be purchased separately, directly on BF Fencing website, select VF Fencing Club on the club affiliation page. When signing up for the first term, you can select the free Introduction to Fencing Membership. After this first free term, you will need to select Starter or Recreational Membership.