1:1 fencing lessons

Book an individual fencing lesson in epee, foil or sabre

with our Coach.​

The lesson will be adapted to any level of practice, from beginners to competitors

We advise you arrive 10-15' earlier for a personal warm-up

Monday - Wednesday

£17.60 for 20 minutes

£13.20 for RFC members

6 lessons pass - £72.50 (6th lesson half-price) RFC members only

Buy a class pass and use it to book any 1:1 within 90 days of activation. You don't need to book all the lessons when buying the pass, your class pass will be available in your account and you can use it to book one lesson at a time until you have used the 6 of them.


Reading Fencing Club

Holme Park, Sonning Ln, Sonning on Thames RG4 6SU

Beginners, we recommend you book

2 successive slots of 20 minutes